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Heaven:Dj Sammy (K-Mae Remix) Heaven:Dj Sammy (K-Mae Remix)

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Im loving this, even if its a remake i found that you made it your own and it sounds very original, i admire that. Something you could try improving is adding a string sidechaining with your bass, it would add some energy to the song and bridge the gap between the song and the voice. When the melody kicks in with the continuing bass, the voice is not loud enough, maybe add reeverb and turn up some of its higher frequencies to compensate for the bass crowding the lower frequencies. You can also try killing the lower frequencies on the voice but it doesnt always sound good that way. Btw, if im taking time to write this its because im loving this song and want to help you improve it if you wish.

Anyways, keep producing!


Love is Gone - F-777 ReMiX Love is Gone - F-777 ReMiX

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Hey Jesse

This is really amazing, honestly... i havent been active in the portal in a long time but i come back to listen to some songs to find some new artists to are now in my favorites! Keep making music, im trying to stop making eurodance and start making house and i think i could benefit from talking to you. So i ask you Jesse, if you have some time on your hands, maybe we could have a chat from one producer to another. You could check out some of my songs to see that i too have some experience in producing and mixing.

Anyways, i hope to hear from you soon.

Nicolas m (just add me whenevr you like! maybe we can work on a project together sometime)

Fredgy - Moment of Peace Fredgy - Moment of Peace

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Nice, its a mello tune, i like those! good foundation, and what i like most is there is no dissonance, as a proffesional piano player and teacher thats music to my ears lol

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Fredgy responds:

Oh thanks :p
I thought i had written ah response on your review but i see i didn't :-/
probably forgotten to push the button or something :D
thanks for review, fine to hear you like it :D
you're a piano player + teacher ? รถ
that's cool :D
didn't know that :D
Nexus is still coming :-/
bit longer then i tought, but i keep you in touch when i got the better version of this song! ;-)


Fredgy - Dance to the Rhythm Fredgy - Dance to the Rhythm

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i saw you wrote me, so i came to see what you were talking about! i listened to a few of yours songs...and your doing good, although this song was very loud, i couldnt hear any distanct instruments...i dont know if it was a mistake or not but i cant really say anything about it :( anyhow ill review the next song you put out :P


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Fredgy responds:

thanks for coming and taking a look mate ;-)
uuuhm, about the thing that this song was very loud, I think it was a mistake then .. :-/
I think the problem was, i made it on a computer with crappy speakers :p
uuhm, what do you mean with distanct instruments ? pm me please :)
Thanks for the review and thanks for saving me from the attack of the zerobomb assholes! :p XD


St0rmChaser - Nexus Song [RmX] St0rmChaser - Nexus Song [RmX]

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Hey, stormchaser!

Hey stormchaser, listen dont worry about the zero bombers, ive been here for a long time and if you look at my music, they still are over 4 so when people really like your songs it doesnt matter. Anyhow, this is a great song, you are off to a good start, what i suggest is a bit more punch to your kick bass, and put down the volume of your drums a bit(snare, clap etc.) It will make your beat stand out. This is a dance tune afterall :P anyways, good luck with that, ill review your next tune if i have the chance!


St0rmChaser responds:

Hey DJ-Seri

I have listened a few of your songs, and i must say.. : DARN :O they rock (y) !!.
All of your intro's are fantastic, and there is no single mistake made.
Didn't get bored a single moment either.
Ok im not writing a review now, so thats enough :P.

Thanks a lot for the wise criticm and hints you gave me.
I will definitely put some of your hints in my next dance songs.
I will also listen and review a few of your songs.
These are far the most interesting dance tunes i have ever heared.
Your bassline and claps are cool and not to hard indeed :D.

gee, there i go again xD
Thanks, and take care,

Anxiety--_--GOA TRANCE Anxiety--_--GOA TRANCE

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Hehe, seriously, stop whatever other music you liek doing, this is your style, every goa/trance songs in this style, just rock when you make em...serously make a cd of this and youll get rich


Spring [by SpM] Spring [by SpM]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Lol sorry i didn tlike this one as much as the others :( dunno, no bass really, and the first sound was quite annoying, but since this is your first then gj lol

Keep it up!

Boneless Boneless

Rated 4 / 5 stars


So orginal, i really liked the originality of this, it lacked bass though. Good sutff man keep it up!

Check my stuff out!

Braindance [by SpM] Braindance [by SpM]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

hey man

i actually liked this alot, not what i expected from the current stats and all, the instruments are kinda weird and this whole production is badly equed But the whole song was just well fitting and kept me listening lol. keep it up man, although you need to get new samples :P


a 5 from me!

SpectroMan responds:

Thank you for review! I'll keep in mind everything you said!

Bang Yo' Head!--_--(1:05) Bang Yo' Head!--_--(1:05)

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Yo its me again. This song is cool, but dude, i still cant get over your black zenon song, im sry but it got to me so fuckign much, its incredible dude... i havenmt stopped listnening to it since last time i comp broke, i lost ALL my vst, progrmas AND songs... and im too lazy too dl and restart everything...and when i listen to thqat song it inspires me to rebuild my studio and maybe start over fresh ya know... damnit man! youve come a long way...hehe fullr espect here...

your newest fan, Nick